January 24, 2018

Path of Exile - Do You Enjoy Essence Drain and Contagion?

Do you want to try something different, not the usual Trickster or Occultist? This might be the build for you. It offers a fast playstyle, similar or even better clear speed than the Trickster option, while achieving good damage (not as crazy as the Occultist, since you do not have the -15% chaos resistance aura).

It's an active playstyle too, perfect for players who want to take a break from the usual 1-button builds.

The build has been developed to achieve high amount of IIQ (Increased Item Quantity) and some IIR (Increased Item Rarity), without sacrificing too much damage or survivability, to farm mid/high tier maps. It also focuses on block, achieving max block and spell block.

You can personalize it though, to focus more on pure survivability and/or damage, to fight the endgame bosses. It's still an Essence Drain build, so you can clear everything.

  • Good clear (in high density maps it gets crazy)
  • Good single target (not as good as the common LL Occultist builds)
  • Scale very well with investment
  • High amount of build paths and cutomization
  • Can clear every content in the game
  • Max block and spell block (with life/mana recover mechanics)
  • High amount of IIQ without sacrificing too much
  • Can start with very budget options
  • Can run pretty much all map mods (I would avoid just "no regen" maps)
  • Can get very expensive to min/max
  • MF (Magic Find) gear is expensive, even more in this league
  • In low density maps it can get annoying
  • Need a guardian specific unique (Scourge claw) to be effective, it is cheap though
  • Be careful of degen effects on you, since you cannot block them

Pro or Con:
  • Active Playstyle, not a usual "right click only" build

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January 17, 2018

What are Sextants for Path of Exile Game?

Sextants are items you find in maps. There are three tiers of Sextants, denoted by colors, which coincide with the colors of maps. White (apprentice) is the lowest tier, then yellow (journeyman), then red (master). Once you have found one, you can use it by opening your Atlas, opening your inventory, right clicking the Sextant, then clicking on the map you want to apply it to.

The Sextant will add a modifier that will be applied to either the map you apply it on, or any maps within the radius of the Sextant (which show up quite clearly when you hover the Sextant over a map). This means you can apply multiple Sextants to the same map by utilizing the maps around it. Sextants wear off after three uses, and will need to be reapplied afterwards for new modifiers.

As implied by the color, white Sextants can be used on white maps, yellow Sextants can be used on yellow maps, and red Sextants can be used on red maps. Sextants can also be used on maps of a lower tier, so a red Sextant, for example, can be applied to any map. If you’re playing a league that allows trading, you typically won’t want to use a higher tier Sextant, since they are worth significantly more. Just sell the higher tier Sextants and buy lower tier ones to use, if you are so inclined.

When people talk about using Sextants while buy chaos orbs, they usually mean that they are using four to seven Sextants for each set of three maps. This can be extremely expensive, and is only worth it if you are running very profitable maps.

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