March 05, 2018

Path of Exile Will Keep the Current Capture Mechanics How They Are

We have been playing Path of Exile for a while now and are proud to be the best place online to buy Path of Exile currency buy poe currency for the lowest price. However the last few months, we have noticed that the popularity of Path of Exile has really started to grow. PoE was recently released on Bestiary League and that brought a whole new audience to it. Today we want to share with you about proposed plans to change two things about Bestiary League.

GGG deployed the first of these changes, and player feedback almost unanimously stated that the capture experience is vastly improved. GGG were very concerned about Slayer characters, Necromancers and Totem users. Feedback from these players suggest that many of the problems they faced are now resolved.

Many players have petitioned for us to not add nets that work on dead beasts. Players have different opinions, which we can't easily judge the more popular of, so we're going to leave this decision up to the community. Our three options are:

No: In this case, we'll keep the current capture mechanics how they are.
Yes, but more common: In this case, we'll add the nets as something that you can expect to have a few of, meaning you can often just kill monsters and capture later without having to engage as strongly with the regular capture mechanic.
Yes, but more rare: In this case, they'll be added as items that are harder to find. High-level players will try to generally use the regular capture mechanic, but can repair mistakes by throwing one of these more valuable nets.

If "No" gets more than 50% of votes, then it wins and we won't add the nets. If any combination of "Yes" gets 50% of votes or more, then they will be added. "Yes, but more common" will only be selected if it gets 50% of total votes itself.

Basically, if you want "No" or "Yes, but more common" to be the outcome, then you need 50% of the playerbase to agree.

Honestly, we're happy with any of those three outcomes. It's not hard to add the nets, if you want them. Please vote how you'd prefer to play and we'll respect that.

Regardless of what happens with this new net type, we will of course keep working to improve every aspect of the league we can. There's lots of very good feedback about other small frustrations that can be resolved.

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January 24, 2018

Path of Exile - Do You Enjoy Essence Drain and Contagion?

Do you want to try something different, not the usual Trickster or Occultist? This might be the build for you. It offers a fast playstyle, similar or even better clear speed than the Trickster option, while achieving good damage (not as crazy as the Occultist, since you do not have the -15% chaos resistance aura).

It's an active playstyle too, perfect for players who want to take a break from the usual 1-button builds.

The build has been developed to achieve high amount of IIQ (Increased Item Quantity) and some IIR (Increased Item Rarity), without sacrificing too much damage or survivability, to farm mid/high tier maps. It also focuses on block, achieving max block and spell block.

You can personalize it though, to focus more on pure survivability and/or damage, to fight the endgame bosses. It's still an Essence Drain build, so you can clear everything.

  • Good clear (in high density maps it gets crazy)
  • Good single target (not as good as the common LL Occultist builds)
  • Scale very well with investment
  • High amount of build paths and cutomization
  • Can clear every content in the game
  • Max block and spell block (with life/mana recover mechanics)
  • High amount of IIQ without sacrificing too much
  • Can start with very budget options
  • Can run pretty much all map mods (I would avoid just "no regen" maps)
  • Can get very expensive to min/max
  • MF (Magic Find) gear is expensive, even more in this league
  • In low density maps it can get annoying
  • Need a guardian specific unique (Scourge claw) to be effective, it is cheap though
  • Be careful of degen effects on you, since you cannot block them

Pro or Con:
  • Active Playstyle, not a usual "right click only" build

I hope this guide can help you, more tricks and tips, you can visit our website Furthermore, our website poe items for sale, you will find the cheap POE currency you want.

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January 17, 2018

What are Sextants for Path of Exile Game?

Sextants are items you find in maps. There are three tiers of Sextants, denoted by colors, which coincide with the colors of maps. White (apprentice) is the lowest tier, then yellow (journeyman), then red (master). Once you have found one, you can use it by opening your Atlas, opening your inventory, right clicking the Sextant, then clicking on the map you want to apply it to.

The Sextant will add a modifier that will be applied to either the map you apply it on, or any maps within the radius of the Sextant (which show up quite clearly when you hover the Sextant over a map). This means you can apply multiple Sextants to the same map by utilizing the maps around it. Sextants wear off after three uses, and will need to be reapplied afterwards for new modifiers.

As implied by the color, white Sextants can be used on white maps, yellow Sextants can be used on yellow maps, and red Sextants can be used on red maps. Sextants can also be used on maps of a lower tier, so a red Sextant, for example, can be applied to any map. If you’re playing a league that allows trading, you typically won’t want to use a higher tier Sextant, since they are worth significantly more. Just sell the higher tier Sextants and buy lower tier ones to use, if you are so inclined.

When people talk about using Sextants while buy chaos orbs, they usually mean that they are using four to seven Sextants for each set of three maps. This can be extremely expensive, and is only worth it if you are running very profitable maps.

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December 20, 2017

Path of Exile's War for The Atlas Now Available for XBOX One

The last couple of several weeks, we've observed the recognition of POE has truly began to develop. Grinding Gear Games released a new expansion for Path of Exile, called War for the Atlas. War for the Atlas is available now on Xbox One, as the PC version launched over a week ago. The game looks stunning on the standard console but even better on the Xbox One X, as it runs at native 4K 60 FPS and features enhanced effects. Now, you can buy poe xbox currency.I am glad to tell you U4gm POE orbs is a good choice.

Path of Exile: War for the Atlas features 32 new randomized maps and a host of new challenges and rewards as players find themselves caught between two powerful entities battling for the control of Wraeclast - The Elder and The Shaper.

War for the Atlas Features:

1) War for the Atlas

A mysterious entity known only as The Elder haunts the Atlas, spreading decay and battling The Shaper for control.

The Atlas, Redrawn: Find your way to the center of the Atlas through new paths and discover new challenges along the way. War for the Atlas adds 32 randomized maps to Path of Exile's ever-evolving end-game.

2) New Bosses

Along with deadly encounters at the end of each new map, this expansion introduces the four Elder Guardians, whom you must defeat before you are able to face the Elder himself.

3) New End-game Items

As the war between the Shaper and Elder rages, challenge their control of the Atlas to find exclusive new rare items that have special properties: Shaped Items and Elder Items.

4) Endless Character Customization

Find four new Skill Gems designed around necromancy, six new Support Gems and over fifty new Unique Items.

5) Abyss League

Coinciding with the launch of Path of Exile: War for the Atlas, we're introducing the Abyss Challenge League. Fight ancient foes that spill forth from the cracks beneath your feet as you journey across Wraeclast, and claim valuable new Abyss Jewels to customise your characters and items in new ways.

Path of Exile is a Diablo-like free-to-play game which relies on purely cosmetic microtransactions to sustain development. If you are interested to buy PoE orbs, you can click here.

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December 15, 2017

Path of Exile: What you need to know about Hideout and botting!

Path of Exile 3.1 War for the Atlas is now live! A lot of features have been added to Path of Exile. Grinding Gear Games keep the game fresh continually while maintaining free-to-play status online, and doesn't seem like easily. However, with a loyal player base that has kept coming back for more, there is so much work to do. One of those additions is the Hideouts and botting, Since the mechaincs for Hideout using in Path of Exile are somewhat 'unpremeditated' you should be aware of the following:

You will be way less effective and loose big amounts of everything (items/PoE currency/maps/everything)!

Why is that?

The following is a quick work routine.

Each time you come back from a normal zone via TP or via chickening, you end up in the TOWN not in your hideout! To know that is crucial for understanding why hideout & normal zones farming is useless!

Now what happens when Hideout-Option in Exiled Bot is that ofcurse the bot enters the hideout quickly after it entered the normal town (i.e after Inventory full)
Next step for the bot is identifing / selling / stashing and so on.

But what happens next is that the bot starts a new instance of the zone you setup for botting. This is due to the fact that the bot is only able to continue you previous run (in the previous instance of the zone you farm) if it detects an active TP to that zone.
Now thats an issue because our TP back to our recent zone is located in the normal town and we (the bot) are in our hideout!

The most common reasons for the bot leaving an instance is:
Full inventory
zone is clear

At least for me the first point (full inventory) happens most frequently (by far)
If the bot leaves an unfinished instance because of a full inventory it is most likely that you just killed a boss/rare or opened a strongbox.

Again, at least for me, most of the recently dropped items could not get picked up because my inventory was already full. (also a good example is a vaal zone: The VaalChest gets often opened after the group of magic mobs got killed and looted, so the vaalfragment is mostly the last item which gets looted)

So long text short conclusion for hideout-option enabled but botting normal zones:

Every Item you leave on the ground in your current zoneinstance is 100% lost (doesnt matters if its a unique or an mirror which you left behind)!

Each rare monster / boss not killed before leaving for clearing up you inventory will not be killed!

Not necessary to say that you have no advantage either way for using the hideout when farming normal zones...

Just wanted to say that because many people dont know that. Not because they are stupid but maybe because they never thought about that.

I've also firstly realized this issue when i lost eternal orb due to that and i was luckily infront of the monitor. We also can tell you that many of the people we have spoken to who have come here to buy cheap Path of Exile 3.1.0 currency are very excited for this, as are we.

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